CBFO Spring Softball FAQs

How much does it cost per player? 

Ages 4-7   – $120
Ages 8-19 – $145

* Add $23 if player lives outside of Knox County.
* A $5/child maintenance fee will be applied to all credit card payments.

What is included in the registration fee?

Each player receives a jersey and softball socks in their team color. The registration fee also provides funds for field maintenance, officials, and field directors. This is a not-for-profit organization.

Where will the games be played.

All games are played at the CBFO facility off of Northshore near the Cove. There is a map at the bottom of this page.

When is registration?

Spring season registration runs January through mid-February (2019 deadline is 2/17)

Fall season registration begins at the end of Spring season and ends in early July.

How are teams selected?

All registered players in the 8-10, 11-13, or 14-19 leagues have a draft observed by the league’s coaches. The coaches then go through a draft where teams are selected. Coaches are able to hold 3 players prior to the draft. There is not a draft for the 4-7 league. You will be contacted by your child’s coach.

The 14-19 draft will be on Saturday February 23rd starting at 10:00.
The 8-10 draft will be on Saturday February 23rd starting at 1:30.
The 11-13 draft will be on Sunday starting at 1:30.

When you arrive you will be checked in and given a draft position. We will also be available to take last minute payments. Payment is due prior to participating in the draft.

What equipment will my child need?

Players are encouraged to have a personal glove, helmet, and softball cleats. Players may additionally want a bat and equipment bag.

What can we expect regarding practice and game schedules?

Practices are one hour and are held on one weekday evening and one weekend prior to the season’s beginning. Most teams continue one practice per week during the season.

Games are usually 1-2 per week on one weekday evening and one Saturday. We do not play games on Sundays. Wednesdays are typically reserved for rain make-ups.

The 4-7 league has games during the week at 5:45 and on Saturday at 9:00, 10:15, 11:30, and 12:45.

The rest of the leagues have games on Saturdays and evenings with the last game starting at 8:30pm.

Spring 2019 Opening Day is March 30. We will make every effort to end the season by May 23.

Will my child get to play?

CBFO requires that all players are in the batting rotation and fielding roster. Older leagues may sit out one girl per inning on defense but must rotate each inning. A player can not sit out more than one 1/2 inning. We want girls of all skill levels to have fun and to learn to love the game of softball.W

What type of pitching should we expect.

This depends on the league.

The 4-7 league is a combination coach pitch and tee ball. Each girl gets 5 pitches from the coach. After that we bring the tee out. As many swings as it takes.

The 8-10 league is a combination of girl fast pitch/coach pitch. We have found this is an excellent way to prepare for the 11-13 and beyond.

The girls get a chance for an at-bat, either a 3 strikeout, or 4 balls. After 4 balls the coach comes in and gets 3 pitches, the girls amount of swings is determined by how many strikes they have when the coach comes in to pitch.

After the 8-10 league it is regular softball with all girl pitching.

How do I get in touch with someone at CBFO?

The fastest way of communicating with us is via email or our Facebook page. The email address is cbfosoftball @ yahoo.com.

To protect the privacy of our girls, we have a closed Facebook page. We encourage all players to signup because this is the first place to go for important notices, including rain outs. When requesting membership please indicate your relationship to CBFO.

Click here for our Facebook page.

What are game days like?

CBFO has a unique environment on game days! Before each game, teams warm up and then load into their dugouts. Players and coaches line up on the field and the national anthem is played before each game. A live announcer announces each batter throughout the game. Electronic scoreboards keep the crowd up to date on the score. Our concession stands have all kinds of ballpark treats like nachos and candy, drinks of all kinds, and most importantly CBFO’s world famous hot dogs!